Shambhala Educators - TMI Study Day

Date: Sunday 3 December 2017 (09:00 -17:00)
Coordinator : Rona Wyatt
Contact person : Irene Cleghorn
This study day focuses on completing the group activities for 'The Treasury of Meditation Instruction in Shambhala' ie. course 3 of the Shambhala Educators Transition Programme.

The study day is for existing Meditation Instructors, Shambhala Guides and Teachers so all authorisations and activities can be updated and aligned with the new Shambhala Educators Path. The day focuses on completing the third course (as above), due by 31st December '17Plans for completing any remaining Transition Program requirements will also be confirmed.

Prerequisites are completion of the Shambhala Online course and study materials.

Please note that although the date fro this course has been given here as Saturday the 2nd December, this is a provisional date and it may be moved to Sunday the 3rd.

First register with SHAMBHALA ONLINE for the program THE TREASURY OF MEDITATION INSTRUCTION IN SHAMBHALA. Then register with the Bristol & SW UK Shambhala Group to attend this study day.