City Retreat

Date: Sunday 8 October 2017 (10:00 -16:00)
A monthly day long meditation retreat

The day is made up of of 20-25 minute sitting meditation sessions broken up with short periods of walking meditation. We also do some simple loving kindness practices and gentle stretching.

The retreat is split into two sessions with an hour for lunch inbetween. Lunch is not provided but there are lots of nice places to buy food near the centre.

You are very welcome to join just one session or stay for the whole day:

Morning session: 10.00am - 12.30pm

Afternoon session: 13.30pm - 16.00pm

There is no charge to attend but a donation would be appreciated for example £5 for one session or £10 for the whole day.

Meditation instruction is available for anyone new to the centre.

If you are brand new to meditation and would prefer shorter sessions and more information you might find our Guided Meditation sessions a better place to start. Follow this link for more information.