Shambhala Care Conduct Update

This is the main website for Shambhala that details the situation, the reports from Wickwire Holm and The Olive Branch highlighting the harm caused. It is also a resource to see further information on how the community is responding to the situation.

The links below were what was initially posted on this website as the situation developed and will be of relevance to interested parties. However, the link above is the main resource to see how Shambhala is currently responding to the allegations of harm that have come out within our community.

Link to Shambhala Online Program Schedule HERE

Link to Dechen Choling Online Program Schedule HERE

London Shambhala Centre Program Schedule HERE

Other UK Groups

London Shambhala Meditation Centre
27 Belmont Close
London SW4 6AY
020 7720 3207
[email protected]

North London Shambhala Meditation Group
8.15-9.15am every Friday morning.
Please email for more details [email protected].

Brighton Shambhala Meditation Group
Email: [email protected]


Shambhala Oxford Meditation Group – More details on what’s happening each week here

Thursdays between 7:45pm and 9:45pm at

West Oxford Community Centre,
Botley Road,
OX2 0BT.

Email: [email protected]