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Loving-kindness and Compassion – Heart Medicine for Difficult Times with Acharya Barbara Märtens Date: Saturday, July 18 Times: Europe: 19:00 (UK) / 20:00 (Central Europe) / 21:00 (Eastern Europe) Price: Free Patron Price: 20€

Hosted by the Shambhala Iberian Region The talk will be given in English, with simultaneous interpretation in Spanish and possibly more languages.

In these last few months, our world has been in upheaval at both a societal and a personal level. Just as the soil is plowed and loosened in springtime, so have our heart and mind been jolted and unsettled as a result of these difficult times. Our familiar ways to find comfort and ease may not be available to us now. And what has been revealed to us about ourselves and others may be both troubling and inspiring. It is especially in these moments where we have the opportunity to find the tenderness that we already have: that soft, unguarded place that can awaken loving-kindness toward ourselves and compassion for others.

This talk explores the facets of our own humanness and how the teachings of friendliness toward ourselves and kindness toward others can be both healing and empowering in the midst of uncertainty and difficulty. About the Teacher Acharya Barbara Märtens has been a Shambhala Buddhist practitioner for the last 40 years. She has been an Acharya since 2005 and is the director of faculty for Karuna Training, an organization for contemplative psychology, health and art. Barbara has two grown-up children and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

FFI: Rod Fiorito ([email protected]) from the Shambhala Barcelona Group will be the coordinator for this event. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him.

Shambhala Care Conduct Update

This is the main website for Shambhala that details the situation, the reports from Wickwire Holm and The Olive Branch highlighting the harm caused. It is also a resource to see further information on how the community is responding to the situation.

The links below were what was initially posted on this website as the situation developed and will be of relevance to interested parties. However, the link above is the main resource to see how Shambhala is currently responding to the allegations of harm that have come out within our community.

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