Compassion & Self-Care in Working with Others - Intro to Contemplative Psychology

Saturday 20 January 2018 (09:30 -18:00)
Teacher : Shastri John Seex
Coordinator : Ali Warner
Contact person : Ali Warner
Price: £90 / Early bird £70
This is an introduction to Karuna Training - Contemplative Psychology combining the wisdom and compassion of Buddhism with Western medicine and psychology. Suitable for all those who are interested in personal development using a contemplative model.

We are all born with the gift to be touched by the world. This connects us with others and our environment, and makes our life worthwhile and rich. But it also means we experience pain and suffering on a daily basis, and our attempts to deal with this suffering in its many forms can be very confusing and burdensome. As a result, we often lose joy, confidence and the inspiration to live our lives and connect with others. Instead of opening up and allowing our human interconnectedness, we become afraid, set boundaries and shield ourselves against the flow of life. This is very exhausting.

In Contemplative Psychology, the answer to these difficulties can be found in mindfulness, self-care and compassion. Methods that wake up these qualities support and strengthen us. They enable us to stay open and friendly to ourselves. We discover the potential for an open, caring, clear and non-judgmental attitude towards our experience – a good ground when dealing with our own problems or those of others.

Karuna Training is a programme in Contemplative Psychology that combines the wisdom of the meditative Buddhist tradition with the methods of Western medicine and psychology. Karuna Training is designed for people who work professionally with others, as well as for those who are interested in personal development using a contemplative model. It is particularly suitable for therapists, medical professionals, teachers, artists, organisational leaders, and parents.

This workshop provides an experiential introduction to Karuna Training, and is also a stand-alone introduction for those who want to explore Contemplative Psychology.

The programme will be taught by John Seex.  John Seex works as a psychotherapist, trainer, supervisor and organisational consultant, supporting people to develop compassion towards themselves and others. He is a meditation teacher within the Shambhala Buddhist tradition where he has been a practitioner for over twenty years. He is part of the Karuna Faculty and lives in Stroud.

The early bird price before 13 January 2018 is £70.  From 13 January 2018, the price is £90.

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