Community Meditation Evening - Open to all

Date: Wednesday 30 May 2018 19:00 21:00

Our regular Wednesday evening meditation session


Guided Meditation

Date: Wednesday 6 June 2018 19:00 21:00

Our regular Wednesday evening session for people new to meditation


City Retreat - Open to all

Date: Sunday 10 June 2018 10:00 16:00

2nd Sunday of every month - day long meditation retreat - all welcome


Vajrayana/Werma/SSA Practice Day

Date: Sunday 17 June 2018 09:30 18:00
Teacher: Ross Chambers

Vajrayana practice Day for ngondro, werma and SSA practitioners.


Evening Talk - Words and Breath

Date: Thursday 21 June 2018 19:00 21:00
Teacher: Sue Blackwell

Words are the meeting place of thought and physiology. Where they meet is the breath. Understanding the relationship between words and breath makes conversation, our way of connecting to others, a deep inner experience.


Enlightened Society Assembly - Residential Programme in the UK

Date: Thursday 5 July 2018 18:00 - 14 July 11:00
Teachers: Shastri Jane Hope & Acharya David Hope

Programme for students engaged in the Way of Shambhala, emphazing the intrinsic goodness of all beings and society and focusing on how we can create enlightened society.Taught in English.


Annual Bleddfa Retreat

Date: Friday 24 August 2018 - 14 July 11:00
Teachers: Peter Conradi & Jim O'Neill

The focus of retreat-practice is to directly experience the awakening of mind and opening of the heart. We will offer teachings on Basic Goodness, letting go or Shunyata / Emptiness, and on working with fear and fearlessness


Shambhala Educators - AMI Study Day

Date: Saturday 20 October 2018 09:30 17:00
Teacher: Rona Wyatt

This study day focuses on completing the group activities for 'The Art of Meditation Instruction' ie. course 4 of the Shambhala Educators Transition Programme.


Level 3 - Warrior in the World

Date: Saturday 27 October 2018 09:30 - 28 October 18:00
Teacher: Rona Wyatt

Developing fearlessness by examining our habitual tendencies, we are willing to experience our life without relying on the cocoon. We begin to engage the world directly and extend the attitude of fearlessness to our activities.


Joy in Everyday Life

Date: Thursday 1 November 2018 19:00 - 29 November 21:00
Teachers: Irene Cleghorn & Rona Wyatt

Developing trust in basic goodness, we begin to discover the confidence and energy to go forward on the journey with a sense of joy and bravery. Teachings on compassion become the inspiration for a life of cheerful discipline and freedom from doubt.