Who am I? A portrait of Ego

Wednesday 22 January 2020 (19:15 -21:00)
17 Lower Redland Road, Redland
According to Buddhist teachings, we suffer because we think we have a real, solid self. This automatically implies ‘other”, which creates a sense of split from our world. In this talk we will explore how this sense of self arises from moment to moment

With this split we imprison ourselves
in this seemingly real elaborate structure of ego. We will discuss
how, through meditation, we can begin to infiltrate this structure
and allow a sense of space and humour to enter our lives. We can
relax and slow down, starting to see through the elaborate games
we continually play.
Teacher: Sue Blackwell, student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Please arrrive by 7.15pm. Tea and coffee will be available from 7pm.

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£8 - non-members.
£6 members/Friends of Shambhala

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When joining via zoom please be aware that we usually start the evening with sitting meditation followed by walking meditation from 7.15 until 7.45.  The talk will begin around 7.45pm - 8pm. 

If you would like to sit with us, then please join by 7.15.  If you only want to see the talk, then join around 7.45pm.  Look forward to seeing you then.

Suggested donations:
£8 - non-members.
£6 members/Friends of Shambhala

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