The Four Reminders - a Buddhist guide to living and dying without regret

Wednesday 27 May 2020 (19:15 -21:00)
17 Lower Redland Road, Redland
Teacher : Christine Jeffcutt
Price : £8
The 4 Reminders are essential Buddhist teachings and are designed to wake us up and break our habit of sleep walking through life. They reveal the urgency of spiritual awakening and living with a purpose.

The 4 reminders turn our minds towards the dharma.  They are very simple and straightforward and require us to break the habits of a lifetime.  They urge us to wake up before it's too late.  They provide purpose and meaning to our lives.

This talk will introduce these teachings in a simple, accessible and direct way as described in Dennis Hunter's book: The 4 Reminders.

In both Buddhist (B) and layman's (l) language, the 4 reminders are:

  1. (B) This precious human birth:
    (l) Appreciate your Life.  Do something meaningful with it.
  2. (B) Impermanence:
    (l) Life is short (and then you die).  Don't waste time.
  3. (B) Karma:
    (l) You create your own reality.  Make sure its a good one.
  4. (B) Samsara:
    (l) Going in circles in pointless.  Wake up!

By contemplating the 4 reminders, we can see how they relate to our everyday lives and how all life on our planet is subject to these 4 realities.   So we need to wake up now before it's too late!