Online Event: Weds evening talk: The Three Marks of Existence

Wednesday 24 June 2020 (19:30 -21:45)
17 Lower Redland Road, Redland
Teacher : Irene Cleghorn
Coordinator : Peter Bailie
Contact person : Sue Blackwell
Price : £8
As we practice and train our mind, we begin to see all kinds of things. What we see is not so much a glimpse of enlightenment or buddha nature, instead the first thing we see is what is wrong with samsara.

This may sound very mundane but it is an outstanding discovery. The three marks of existence ie impermanence, egolessness and suffering begin to unfold before us.

By means of sitting practice we develop a greater vision and knowledge of the three marks than someone learning from books.

Just practising bare attention to breathing, bare attention to mental activities we develop a different attitude toward pain.

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