Wednesday evening online zoom talks and discussion: The Four Reminders that wake us up!

Wednesday 23 September 2020 (19:30 -21:00)
Bristol and S.W. U.K. Shambhala Meditation Group
Teachers : Sue Blackwell & Irene Cleghorn & Colin Tracy
Coordinator : Sue Blackwell
Ever felt like you are sleep walking through life and that life is passing you by? The 4 reminders are essential Buddhist teachings that wake us up to appreciate our lives. The talks will be followed by a discussion. All welcome

The 4 reminders are contemplations about the realities of our existence.  They are reminders to turn our minds towards the dharma.  By contemplating the 4 reminders, we can see how they relate to our everyday lives and how all life on our planet is subject to these 4 realities. They are very simple and straightforward and require us to break the habits of a lifetime.  They provide purpose and meaning to our lives.  They urge us to wake up before it's too late!  

Talk 1 - Weds 2nd Sept - Christine Jeffcutt:
This precious human birth:  Appreciate your Life.  Do something meaningful with it.

Talk 2 - Weds 9 Sept - Sue Blackwell:
Impermanence:  Life is short (and then you die).  Don't waste time!

Talk 3 - 16 Sept - Irene Cleghorn:
Samsara:  Going in circles in pointless.  Wake up!

Talk 4 - 23 Sept - Colin Tracy:
Karma:  You create your own reality.  Make sure its a good one!

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