Shambhala Day Celebration

Sunday 14 February 2021 (10:00 -13:00)
17 Lower Redland Road, Redland
Teacher : Irene Cleghorn
Coordinator : Peter Bailie
Contact person : Sue Blackwell
Price : £5
A Celebration of Shambhala Day, which marks the start of the new year: The Year of the Iron Ox

Shambhala New Year 2021 will usher in the Year of the Iron Ox. The Iron Ox has a strong quality of earth, and discovering what is already naturally available to us. The Ox doesn’t have to look far to find what is needed. The Ox year is also connected with unity, and focusing on hard work – such as ploughing the fields. We are advised not to be too hasty in Ox years, but to take time for consideration before acting or making decisions. It is said that some efforts planted in the Ox year will take time to harvest and enjoy fruition.

Since last year’s Shambhala Day, it seems as if the challenges so many of us have been experiencing have only intensified. Not only do we continue to grapple with the many divergent views in Shambhala about our path forward, we have faced the existential threat and upheaval of a once in a century pandemic that has caused hardship and suffering

We plan to celebrate it online on Sunday morning, 14th February.  This will replace our monthly Community practice. 

The format is as follows:

10am   Opening chants

Elixir of Life

e-meal - we'll share a virtual drink and snack!

12pm AGM


Everyone is warmly invited to attend.  The Zoom details are as follows:

The passcode is 043997

Click here to access the Zoom link