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As human beings we are always looking for ways to live in our world with dignity and decency. Shambhala is a community of people practicing the Buddhist and Shambhala traditions of enlightened living, as well as other contemplative disciplines.

Buddhist and Shambhala Traditions

Buddhism is an ancient teaching based on the practice of meditation and study of our minds and lives, to awaken our true nature, enlightenment. The Shambhala teachings, taught by the Buddha to the first King of Shambhala, are teachings on how to live in the world, with an open heart and a fearless-awake mind. The ground of both these teachings is the practice of Mindfulness/Awareness meditation, and we offer thorough training in meditation in our Shambhala Centres and programmes.

Contemplative Disciplines

The spiritual path and our practice of meditation are not an escape from the world, but a way to wake up to the world and appreciate its wealth. Therefore, in addition to meditation, we also use other forms of contemplative disciplines such as art, archery and photography to work with our minds and experience the world fully.

Shambhala Touching the Earth Collective

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Clearly seeing the need for an urgent response to human-caused environmental degradation, Touching the Earth warriors invite individual and collective action for the rebalancing, protection and celebration of a healthy, living world.”

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Our Community


Inspired by the teachings of Buddha, as well as the modern teachers Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and the Sakyong Jamgön Mipham Rinpoche, we engage in regular meditation practice as well as other contemplative disciplines. Members of our community of practitioners seek both to deepen their understanding of meditation and apply this understanding in their daily lives.

Resources for Helping our Sangha to Understand Current Events in Shambhala

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Shambhala Care Conduct Update

This is the main website for Shambhala that details the situation, the reports from Wickwire Holm and The Olive Branch highlighting the harm caused. It is also a resource to see further information on how the community is responding to the situation.

The links below were what was initially posted on this website as the situation developed and will be of relevance to interested parties. However, the link above is the main resource to see how Shambhala is currently responding to the allegations of harm that have come out within our community.

Letters from the Sakyong

A Message from the Sakyong 10/07/2018

A Message from the Office of the Sakyong 07/07/2018

Letter from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche to the Shambhala Community 25/06/2018

Letters from the Kalapa Council (The Governing Body of Shambhala International)

Letter from the Kalapa Council 30/07/2018

Letter from the Kalapa Council 20/07/2018

Letter from the Kalapa Council regarding leadership transition 06/07/2018

Letter from the Kalapa Council 29/06/2018

Letter from the Kalapa Council 27/06/2018

Project Sunshine Reports

Project Sunshine First Report

Project Sunshine Second Report

Project Sunshine Memorandum

Messages from Shambhala and Buddhist Teachers

Susan Piver On Shambhala

Ethan Nichtern Reflections on Shambhala

A video message from Llama Rod Owens to the Shambhala Community

A video message from Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo & Lama Tsultrim Allione

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche When a Buddhist Teacher Crosses the Line

Pema Chödrön No Right No Wrong

Additional Links

Letter from Shambhala Mountain Centre10/07/2018

A Letter from the Women Acharyas 08/07/2018

Shambhala Care and Conduct Policy 2015