Lojong - Wednesday Evening Talk

Wednesday 28 November 2018 (19:00 -21:00)
Teacher : Rona Wyatt
Monthly talk on the practice of Lojong.

This evening will comprise of meditation and a talk on the practice of lojong.

Lojong is the practice of cultivating compassion through training the mind and dates back to the 10th century teacher Atisha (982-1054). Also known as the Seven Points of Mind Training, these teachings from the Mahayana path of the Bodhisattva offer simplicity, practicality, and profundity still relevant to our present times.  

Rona Wyatt is a teacher and meditation intsructor within Shambhala and will be offering the talk in tonight's program.

Please arrive from 7pm onwards for 7.15pm start.

Refreshments are available before the presentation.

A voluntary donation of £5 (or more or less) will enable us to maintain the upkeep or our centre, provide weekly open house practices and regular programme events.  Your generosity will be appreciated.